Brief Notes on some of the wines tasted in Alsace

Dopf & Irion Tasting
Les Murailles Riesling 1991 Incredibly petrol, fruit, no sugar.

Les Maquillards Tokay Pinot Gris Nice but lacking character.

Gewurtztraminer Classique (1992) Too light.

Les Sorcieres Gewurtztraminer (1990) Wow. Fruit and singing spices.

Gewurtztraminer 1985 Vendanges Tardives More fruit, less sugar than above.

Gewurtztraminer 1986 Vendanges Tardives Much more liquorice, more sugar. A "feel" of Riesling at the back of it.

Tokay Pinot Gris 1988 Incredible. Indescribable.

Marc de Gewurtztraminer More like Marc de Bourgogne than Marc de Champagne. Very good.

Eau de Vie de Vielle Prune Very sophisticated. Vanilla from the oak casks. Slightly sweet.

Jean Dietrich Tasting
Cremant d'Alsace Too watery, tartaric.

Riesling Schlossberg, Grand Cru Vielle Vignes 1990 Very fine, not a lot of petrol nose.

Tokay-Pinot Gris, Cotes de Kayserberg 1990 A hint of raisin. Absolutely lovely.

Hugel Tasting
Jubilee Riesling A bit tired

Jubilee Gewurtztraminer 1988 Excellent. Tones of tobacco and leather in the China tea background, with good acidity.

Jubilee Tokay Pinot Gris 1988 Well balanced, fresh and with a zing.

Gewurtztraminer 1990 (half bottles) Much more body.

Vendanges tardive Very nice. 45 degrees residual sugar.

Grains Noble 1998Just sugary, to my taste. 90 degrees residual sugar

Grains Noble 1998 Much more complex flavours and some balancing acidity.

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