A China Diary
 A sort of blog of our China trip - I can't access Wordpress!
White Night
A sample white wine presentation
A brief look at one of my favourite places
Wine or Internet Start-up Shares?
Investing in Wine
An Amarone Interlude
Exploring Alsace
The place, the experience, the food and, of course, the wine.
Wine Bottle Sizes
In case you ever wondered ...
Francesco Giuntini on Selvapiana
The wine maker on his wines.
Origins of the Cabernet Sauvignon
Results of recent scientific research on the genetic origins on the Cab Sauv - for non-scientists.
Wine and Cheese in Kinsale
A pleasant interlude in one of the country's best foodie locations.
Christmas Wine Suggestions
What to have with the turkey and plum pud.

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